TeachMeet Borders

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What is a TeachMeet?

Learn something new, be amazed, amused and enthused! This is an informal gathering of those curious about creative approaches to teaching and learning. Anyone can share great ideas they’ve trialled in their classrooms, ask important questions or take part in learning conversations.


TeachMeet Borders

TeachMeets are a fantastic opportunity for primary and secondary teachers to get together and share ideas. TeachMeet Borders brings this opportunity to teachers in the Scottish Borders area and beyond. This is CPD that you are in charge of. And there will be cake! Click here to find out why sharing what we do should just be part of what we do. Anyone can sign up and join in, so come along, listen to others and share what you do in a fun, friendly setting.  We look forward to seeing you!

Where and When?

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We’re still working on the final Teachmeet Borders programme, but here’s an idea of how it might look:

Welcome and Introductions

Hellos and hot drinks. Sandwiches, nibbles. Cake!

2 minute ‘nano’ presentations

Super-speedy, non-threatening, show-us-what-you’ve-got moments that are perfect for dipping your toe in the sharing pond. First timers very welcome! Share a success, ask a question, get something off your chest, the floor is yours!

Sign up below…

7 minute ‘micro’ presentations

Got more to say? This is for you! Share a little longer, feel a little stronger, it’ll be seven minutes in heaven when you’re in charge!

Sign up below…

Round Table Discussion Question

Why does sharing matter and how can we grow the TeachMeet movement?

The Story So Far…

Need some inspiration? Want to know what others are planning to talk about? Click here to see the TeachMeet Borders Sign Up Sheets! sign-up-sheetscurrent

How to sign up?

Easy peasy! Sign up by completing the Google form below…put your name, the TeachMeet you will be attending, your twitter handle (if you have one), what you’ll share and how long you’d be willing to share it for (2 or 7 minutes).

Interested, But Not Sure About Sharing?

We want everyone to feel they can attend a TeachMeet Borders event, even if you are not ready to share this time around. Please select the ‘watch, listen and discuss’ option on the form below and come and join us!


Author: susanward30

Depute Head Teacher and primary teacher. Every day is a school day!

11 thoughts on “TeachMeet Borders”

  1. I’m interested in taking part, willing to give it a go. At the Gala TeachMeet. Talking for 7 minutes on Critical Literacy: Mindreading Storybook Characters.

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